Meeting Minutes

The Green Team has group meetings every so often to discuss our goals, events, and long-term plans. Anyone is welcome to come along to our meetings and if you can't make it, keep up-to-date with our minutes and ideas here. If you have an idea or issue you would like to see brought up at the next meeting, please head here to make a submission. 

25 September 2017

  • Beach cleans are our most reputable activity thanks to Alex, and keeping the cleans set to a specific date monthly is beneficial i.e. first Saturday of the month each month. We shall now set a clean once a month from now until Summer, and twice a month during the Summer months. 
  • Avalon Market Day is coming up and we should organise a big clean after this day. 
  • Interest in more activities for our beach cleans since so far the physical (yoga and movement with Sancha and Nic) have been very successful. Pitch more physical activity, involve local personal trainers. Ask local businesses for throw-out food and use to have a breakfast cook up before a morning clean ie Amberwaves Bakery or La Banette for bread rolls. Kate pitched a bush walk clean through Bangalley, ask local SUP business and kayak rental in Palm Beach for sponsorship offer or discount for us to do a paddle clean on Pittwater or across the bay. Summer is the perfect time for afternoon cleans for those that work weekends and can’t attend the usual ones. Live music while cleaning, acoustic sets, Lucy mentioned that Billie wants to get her drumming circle involved. 
  • Martina is taking charge of school involvement starting with Balgowlah Boys High School. Eliza mentioned Montessori wants to collaborate. Alex says Verity offered to advertise our cleans in the Avalon Primary School newsletter so we need to organise and announce in advance. Alannah and Tom may approach Barrenjoey High School for venue use and to promote collaboration.
  • Mentions to negotiate a rewards system with local businesses i.e. free coffee vouchers to use if you come to a clean and are named the MVP
  • Juliette working for Bumble, mentioned that her brand may be able to give us tangible sponsorship in the form of hats or drink bottles. Alannah mentioned these products should be ethically sourced so we would have to delve further into negotiation first. 
  • Data collection will be uploaded to the website by Alannah under a new page, since the numbers are only displayed on our Instagram posts. Lucy says she can put numbers into Excel spreadsheet. Martina has taken charge to submit our data from the cleans to Tangora Blue. 
  • Q Tips raised by Martina. Over 150 found in Manly dive as people are putting them down the toilet. Talks of a new campaign targeting this. 
  • Boomerang bags workshops in Mona Vale have been successful and enjoyable. New faces and regulars. The Sew, Craft and Cook space is not available during holidays so weekly workshop resumes in a couple of weeks on Tuesdays. Regular volunteers have the space during the day. The Green Team has the space until 10pm. Jack suggests we should offer more inclusivity to the night workshop and offer anyone to join our session. Set regular date for consistency, once a month, i.e. every second Tuesday of the month. 
  • Boomerang Bags facing a bag shortage. Ideas to have a big fabric bin for donations somewhere in Avalon. Sam suggests we could encourage public to bring excess bags along to our cleans and events so we can put them in the right place and encourage bag cycle. 
  • Suggestions that Boomerang Bags bag boxes aren’t enough to promote proper rotation cycle of bags. Group decides we could build some new boxes, place in new areas, get our artist friends to paint the boxes as promotion for them and to draw attention to the program.
  • Raffle tickets were given to Green Team members by Boomerang Bags last week for us to sell before market day. No updates. 
  • Green rating system as discussed at last meeting is now managed by Sam, Tom and Jack. We are approaching businesses to gauge interest in the next fortnight and plans to enact a rating system to discourage plastic straws, bags, cups etc will be before end of October. Brainstorm benefits for local businesses, research if council subsidies exist. Explore if businesses keep packing boxes and reuse them. Leura as an example of this working, contact businesses in this plastic straw free town to see how they did it. 
  • Film screenings are managed by Anya, absent this meeting. Alex was contacted by council member to ask about screening A Plastic Ocean, respond and see if offer for council to cover the costs or licensing still applicable, if so, go ahead and organise. Although Narrabeen Coastal Environment Centre and Living Ocean screened already, events both sold out, necessary to screen again. Anya to promote these through the council, and double check licensing of our list of potential movies. 
  • Green Team Event near the beginning of November, managed by Lucy. Our Sustainability Days get decent exposure to the wider community, the festival idea is still on the table for Laids. Venue possibilities include our existing partnerships. Tom says Barrenjoey School hall could be an option if we partner with Community Garden. Alannah says contacts in the school could support us for venue hire. 
  • Green Team Panel Discussion as a potential event posed by Lucy modelled on ABC's Q&A. Includes five individuals/ professionals discussing a topic, in an open discussion involving audience rather than a lecture style that we have done in the past. Ideas to contact Sydney University, Sydney Ideas. Martina says there is a research fellow at Macquarie University who wants to get involved, says she will contact. Martina says we could time the Panel with Sydney’s Plasticity event. 
  • Composing workshop at Avalon Community Gardens, organised and presented by Tom in the latter half of October. Details TBC. 
  • Website managed by Alannah and Pascale. Aim to get Tom’s blog up and encourage more unlikely contributors, since the quality of our blog is the young persons point of view - i.e. sustainability from a carpenters point of view. Timeless, little posts regularly, aiming for monthly contribution to continue conversation. Get content on website so we can start driving people to our website, post data for our cleans, update events page. Essential to post our goals and aims, also a history of our group. 
  • Grant from Patagonia possible if we have more credible, solid goals, says Sam. 
  • Develop our aims: Plastic Free Peninsula. Our mission statement: Youth network engaging the community in environmental consciousness and sustainable living
  • Green Team stickers debate, are we using plastic? Looked into hemp stickers but too expensive. Stickers are not single-use plastic so should be ok. Sam to make a poll in the group - do we need more stickers and shirts? Avalon local Andy Owens sustainably (reuses old shirts) makes shirts for organisations he likes, someone to contact him
  • Guerrilla evening where we design stencils and chalk messages around the neighbourhood. Facebook event organised for early October. 
  • Advertising options: North Journal, Pittwater Life, school newsletters, Northern Beaches Council, local noticeboards.
  • Marketing: develop our marketing voice that is youth, not too polite, straight-up. Using media to publicly connect with professionals and name-drop in order to improve our reach by association. Tom says Avalon Community Gardens needs assistance marketing themselves and future event for a fundraising clothes swap, need more information and we will assist. Social media spotlight of team members and inspiring people in the community: once a week profile. Send all correspondences from our Green Team email, access provided through Lucy. 

11 April 2017

  • Discussed idea of name change. 'Av' Green Team is limited to this local area and may hinder future growth. Possible new name could be Green Team Collective as an umbrella organisation for other localised green team groups to work within, ie Mona Green Team etc.
  • People other than Lucy Murray are encouraged to take on creative control for other projects and happenings within the Green Team.
  • Coffee accreditation concept - Green Team to accredit local coffee shops and food outlets who want to meet a certain criteria (discounts for customers with keep cups or not taking lids, composting food scraps, don't offer plastic bags etc). Accredit with unique sticker in shop and advertise list of accredited participants on social media and at events etc.
  • Link Housing, who is hosting the Big Sleep Out in September at freshwater, which is a waste free event with donated or found upcycled furniture for sale at end, good opportunity to network and promote new name. Link Housing has approached Green Team to help organise and run event. More details to come.
  • Council grant application - council wants to engage young people, possible mini festival subtly promoting sustainable living in order to attracted a diverse demographic, lots of creative entertainment, waste free, fully recycled container collection and composted organic waste, Nic Laidlaw very interested in collaborating for this.
  • Have green team presence at council meetings in order to see process of decision making there and possibly make change at local council level.
  • Establish Green Team plot in Avalon Community Garden with aim to make the relationship and current affairs between both groups more transparent, offer workshops and education to Green Team participants and bring a younger demographic to Garden.